Dispute Resolution

The size and complexity of construction projects means that problems can often arise. If not resolved, these can lead to formal disputes and so it’s important to have expertise available to make a claim against another party and/or to respond to claims made against you. Having the right team on board will also help you prevent conflicts arising in the first place.

How we can help

Adair specialises in providing construction Dispute Resolution Services – including conflict avoidance – that will protect and promote your interests, whether in the UK or overseas.

Our Dispute Resolution Service is led by Justin Sullivan, who is one of the industry’s leading dispute resolution experts. He is highly experienced as an expert witness and in construction claims, adjudications, arbitrations and civil proceedings in court. See Justin’s profile for more details.

We offer a full range of services for the complete and successful resolution of a dispute, including:

• expert witness
• claims support
• adjudication
• contractual advice
• arbitration.

Expert witness

An expert witness is engaged to give an opinion based on their experience, knowledge and expertise. Their overriding duty is to provide independent, impartial and unbiased evidence to the court or tribunal.

By employing both Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors, we can deliver a wide range of Expert Witness Services, including those covering:

• contract administration
• architectural design and specification
• the value and validity of variations in final accounts
• quantum
• delay analysis
• extensions of time
• loss and/or expense claims
• construction defects
• professional negligence claims.

Claims support

We can provide a range of claim preparation and claim defence support, including:

• critical path analysis
• expert reports
• final account audits
• expert planning
• loss and/or expense claims
• prolongation claims
• quantum claims
• disruption claims.


This involves the appointment of an independent adjudicator who considers the evidence of a dispute and makes a decision that is binding on all parties. We have been involved with many successful adjudications and can assist and represent you in both referring and responding to proceedings.

Contractual advice

Our team of expert surveyors has a deep understanding of all of the major construction contracts and regularly offers detailed contractual advice to clients to ensure that they both understand, and can take advantage of, the finer points of these legal documents.


This involves parties agreeing to refer a dispute to a third party arbitrator and agreeing to be bound by their decision. We have an excellent record in presenting and defending arbitration actions and can assist and represent you in proceedings.

For more information on our Dispute Resolution services, contact:

Justin Sullivan
01372 847900