Party Wall Surveying

If you’re planning any building work on your property, or developing a new one, then you may be affected by The Party Wall etc Act 1996. This sets out a building owner’s rights and obligations and exists to prevent your actions from causing damage or disruption to your neighbours (or ‘adjoining owners’) while ensuring you can still perform lawful work to your property.

And if your neighbour is planning work on their property you will also have rights and obligations around the protection of your own property while this is carried out.

The Act covers the complex legal requirements and procedures that must be followed before works can commence – such as party wall notices, counter notices and party wall awards – and the timings of these actions. Getting these wrong can mean you could incur extra costs and a project suffers extensive delays.

How we can help

Adair can provide full guidance on the extent and limitations of the respective owners’ rights and obligations under the Act. We can help you navigate through its complicated requirements and liaise with the respective owners and appointed surveyors until an agreement is reached – all to help ensure a smooth and satisfactory outcome for all parties.

All of our Party Wall Surveyors are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the organisation for party wall professionals.

Acting for a building’s owner

When appointed by a building’s owner, we can advise on all the necessary notices and arrange for them to be drawn up and served. We take care of all the appointments and other arrangements that are necessary to reach an agreement, and issue appropriate party wall awards in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Acting for an adjoining owner

When appointed by an adjoining owner, we can arrange for party wall notices to be sent directly to our office. This enables us to prepare and promptly serve all necessary counter notices. We will arrange the meetings and facilitate all further arrangements that are required to reach an agreement, and issue the appropriate awards.

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